Communication Skills


Course overview

It is relationships that determine success in business and relationships are created through communication.

Communication is the art of being understood and of understanding others.

This course is designed to help delegates capitalise on their existing skills, fine-tune their approach and build rapport with their colleagues and others in order to achieve success.

Who is it for?

This workshop will help all individuals develop their communication skills.


Course outline

Our courses are bespoke and will be tailored to your objectives.  The example below shows typical elements that may be covered:

  • Identifying the qualities and attributes of good communicators

      Which of these qualities do delegates already have? Which ones can they learn to develop and aspire to?

  • Understanding the difference between hearing, listening and active listening

      The importance of demonstrating you are listening and taking a genuine interest in the people you are
      communicating with.

  • Using the Johari Window model as a self-awareness and self-development tool
  • How to maximise impact by using the 3 ‘V’s of communication

      Not just on first impressions but also how much information we give away in our tone and body language
      in general. The unspoken messages that others may be picking up, rightly or wrongly, which can affect our
      working relationships with them.

  • Identifying your communication style, your communication strengths and development areas.
  • Understanding other people’s communication styles and knowing when and how to adapt your style to get the best out of others
  • Defining assertiveness and understanding the benefits of assertive behaviour

      Understanding the key principles of assertive behaviour and our assertive ‘rights’ can help us to consistently
      communicate more effectively. 



Our prices vary depending on the length of programme and elements included – please contact us for a quote.


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Communication Skills workshops using horses at the Ride High Development Centre Milton Keynes


Why use horses?

Using horses can help humans develop and understand the dynamics within any team. Horses are highly aware, prey animals, tuned into the moment and keen observers. By working with them, we can gain insights into our own individual and team behaviours . Our learning experiences involve horses but you don’t need any previous experience with horses and you will not be riding horses.


Pointing doesn't work! Communication skills training at the Ride High Development Centre


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